Assisting organisations to realise tangible security investment value leveraging our unique predictable and repeatable integrated framework.

CSO Group brings you their Spectra Alliance Service, taking best of breed technology from the ‘Security Coalition’ vendors (CrowdStrike, Netskope, Okta and Proofpoint) and delivering simultaneous security outcomes through a complete and flexible delivery program. This service is designed on the premise that security is a business problem, not an IT problem. CSO Group assists organisations realising effective security outcomes by focusing on what is important to you, your business, stakeholders and your customers.


The security threat landscape is constantly changing, meaning businesses need to do more with less and keep security capability relevant. 

People no longer work within the confines of their office building. Remote working is the ‘new normal’ for many organisations, so ensuring this is done securely for the long term is essential.

In a ‘bring your own application’ world, organisations are having to find new and effective ways to manage, govern and control access and the flow of information in and out of their businesses. 

In the ever-changing world of technology organisations have their work cut out for them ensuring they are meeting governance and compliance regulations. 

Organisations have specific inhouse requirements, they are not looking for out of the box solutions, they need flexibility.

Integration, automation, and an effective operating model are critical to tackle the daily security challenges.


To help address these challenges, CSO Group is providing an uplift in cyber security proficiency through the implementation, integration and management of the Spectra Alliance technologies. 

By partnering with market leading solutions and leveraging their integrated capabilities we are able to support organisations achieve optimal security efficacy outcomes. 

We are here to effectively operate the already ‘best of breed’ technologies offered by the vendors by wrapping our Managed Cyber Assurance Service around these to deliver defined but flexible outcomes.


Add cloud security and data protection with Netskope 

Data-Centric Security That Protects Enterprise Assets Everywhere.

As applications and devices proliferate, security gets more complex. Netskope provides contextual understanding that helps you secure data—like detecting when sensitive information is moving across unmanaged devices or shadow applications.

Thwart people-based attacks with Proofpoint 

Protection Against Today’s Complex People-Based Attacks. 

When people are the security perimeter, phishing, malware, and other workforce attacks, are hard to defend against. Proofpoint provides deep visibility into vulnerabilities, real time detection, and behavioral training that thwart attacks.

Establish a Zero Trust environment with Okta 

Seamless and Secure Access for Remote and on-premise Teams. 

Okta enables team members to quickly and seamlessly access their applications and data so they can get productive fast. Intuitive Single Sign-On (backed by Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication) puts all their assets at their fingertips and secures their identity.

Embed industry leading endpoint security with CrowdStrike 

Airtight Security Protecting All Endpoints Accessing the Enterprise.

Protecting access for a remote workforce is more critical than ever. CrowdStrike’s endpoint-defenses include advanced threat hunting, next-gen antivirus protection, device controls, and tools for proactive incident response.


The CSO Group Managed Cyber Assurance Service (CAS) provides the “glue” to optimise and enhance the already industry leading technology offered by the Spectra Alliance vendors. 

CAS realises the full value of the Spectra Technology investment by delivering defined yet flexible security outcomes as business priorities and the threat environment change over time.


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